What We Do

Great organizations are loved by customers and employees. We help you build brand culture that inspires employees and delights customers.

Clients include household names like the Ford Foundation and the United Nations, high growth companies like Mary’s Gone Cracker, and smaller place-based institutions like the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union and Longfellow health clubs.

Let us help you create permanent culture change. We work with you to:

  •  Identify your Core Values, Purpose & Identity and learn why knowing what you believe in is the secret to successful culture change.
  • Develop and sustain a culture blueprint that works.
  • Train staff in core culture competency skill sets such as empathy, listening and co-creative facilitation techniques.
  • Create an internal communications strategy that supports culture change.
  • Provide content and positioning for your culture-driven external communications strategy including transcripts of your best culture stories.
  • Learn how to engage staff to support culture.

We facilitate meetings and retreats, lead trainings on conscious culture, mindful innovation and collaborative meetings, conduct culture surveys, mystery shops and focus groups, support communications strategies fueled by Core Values & Culture and help clients implement culture enhancing policies and initiatives.

The Culture Company is a networked company run by Alicia Korten. The company has no employees, instead tapping partners that come together for specific project assignments and initiatives based on need.

Check out our new initiative, Orange Grove Nine, a collaboration between The Culture Company and C’est What?, the mindful innovation firm based in San Francisco.