Our Culture

We unleash Passion & Purpose in the workplace to build culture that will ignite you, your staff and your customers. Here’s what you can expect from us.

  • We Love Catalyzing Remarkable Results.  At the Culture Company transforming organizations isn’t just a mantra, it’s the heart of our company culture. It’s what makes us tick. We love being a part of the energy that’s unleashed when organizations connect to what is truly important to them. It fuels our passion and sense of purpose. We delight in helping set an office abuzz with new ideas. When customers send rave reviews. When profits soar.
  • Be Passionate and Purposeful.  We love what we do. That’s what keeps our offerings fresh and innovative. We build on our strengths to create programs our clients love. And we help our clients build organizations that match jobs to people’s passion.
  • Co-Create Culture. We believe every organization has its cultural DNA already coded within it. Our job is to help staff and executives discover their organizational story and then bring that story to life. Getting everyone in the organization involved in the process builds commitment and excitement—it’s the coding secret that makes your culture work.
  • Be in Service.  Our love of transforming organizations is surpassed only by our dedication to those we serve. We listen. We go the extra mile. We tailor programs to fit client needs. And through the tumult of change–we welcome feedback and invite dialogue.
  • Build Strong Relationships Based on Trust and Respect. Relationships are the glue that makes change possible. We invest time in building relationships that work—with our clients and with the communities we are a part of.
  • Support a Healthy Planet. We want everyone to thrive. And that means living on a healthy planet. One with clean air and water. Trees and wild spaces. Where everyone can meet their basic needs. We work with many socially responsible businesses and organizations helping them to realize their mission in new and exciting ways.