The Culture Company is run by Alicia Korten, who brings together teams for projects and initiatives. Alicia and her partners are passionate leaders with extensive experience in culture change, innovation, product development, communications and business strategy.  This is a community that cares about the world, about people, and about making a difference.

Alicia Korten

Chief Executive Officer and Culture Creator

An award-winning author and speaker, Alicia leads culture and strategy initiatives that have help clients achieve growth turn arounds, as well as best place to work and other industry awards. Formerly she worked as Culture and Communications Strategist for Mary’s Gone Crackers, helping the company leverage its core values to drive significant growth.

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Michael Perman

Innovation and Creativity Leader

As a Fortune 500 senior executive and authority on creative minds, Michael spearheaded innovation turn arounds at Levi’s and the Gap. At Levi’s he used the science of how the human brain works to lead breakthrough product innovations that helped return Levi’s to prosperity and generated over $600 million in new revenue streams.

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Paul Costello

Narrative and Culture Strategist

A pioneer of organizational storytelling, Paul has trained hundreds of students on how to use stories to drive organizational results. He has led cultural transformation initiatives for NASA, Lockheed Martin, Department of Treasury and many others and received recognition from the U.S. Congress for his contribution to peace.

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Laury Hammel

Socially Responsible Business Leader and Culture Strategist

Laury is a leader in the socially responsible business movement. Owner of highly successful sports clubs, he has used his prominent position to pioneer important socially responsible business networks such as the Business Alliance for Socially Responsible Business (BSR) and the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.

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