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How to Preserve Your Great Culture in Hard Times

It’s often easy to feel good about your company culture when things are going well.  New programs.  Extra profits.  Hiring new staff.  Success generally feeds a sense of optimism. But how do you keep your staff feeling excited when you are going through hard times?


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Eileen Fisher Uses Values to Transform Product Cycle

Great things can happen when you take people in separate buildings and bring them together. That’s what Liz Wisler, Vice President of Product Development for Eileen Fisher, shared with me during my trip to their design studio in New York … Read More

By Living on Purpose Terracycle Turns Garbage to Gold

Last month my fascination with how values and purpose can drive corporate culture, products and brand took me to Trenton, New Jersey to visit a company called Terracycle. Terracycle, it turns out, is an incredible example of how staying true to … Read More