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Stepping Out

For the last year I’ve dialed back my professional life to move forward on multiple home life and family fronts. As I peak my head back out into my business world, I’m exploring how this last year has changed me, and how my personal transformation will influence my work on culture.

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Ford Foundation President Dances in the C-Suite

You know change is in the air when one of the nation’s largest foundations releases a video of its President dancing on tables in the C-suite. (Dancing starts at 1 minute 21 seconds) Darren Walker – the Ford Foundation’s first … Read More


Nothing accelerates your culture transformation like a good story. You’ll learn why in the clip below from a keynote speech I gave on this topic.   Our brains are literally hardwired for story.  We take fragments of information and turn … Read More

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How to Preserve Your Great Culture in Hard Times

It’s often easy to feel good about your company culture when things are going well.  New programs.  Extra profits.  Hiring new staff.  Success generally feeds a sense of optimism. But how do you keep your staff feeling excited when you are going through hard times?


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Eileen Fisher Uses Values to Transform Product Cycle

Great things can happen when you take people in separate buildings and bring them together. That’s what Liz Wisler, Vice President of Product Development for Eileen Fisher, shared with me during my trip to their design studio in New York … Read More

The Key to Real Culture Change

You can’t just think your way into great culture.  You also have to take the leap into the realm of the heart.

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The Conscious Consumer is Revolutionizing Business

Driving home from New York recently my husband and I were reflecting on how great it is to finally feel we are in the mainstream of collective thought. Most of our lives we’ve cared about global warming, organic food, personal … Read More