4 Steps to Your Great Culture

Our four step process creates culture that will ignite you, your employees and your customers.

We bring to life your Core Values, Purpose & Identity to build high performance teams. Deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Catalyze 100% engagement.

We start by helping you assess your company strengths and existing values and define  the ideal culture that you want to drive your organization.

Once you’ve defined your Culture Code (Core Values, Purpose & Identity), we work with you to sustain your culture change. We align systems to support your Culture Code–including revamping hiring procedures, revising human resource policies and conducting training programs. Then we evaluate and adjust the systems we’ve put in place to ensure they are working effectively.

Finally we help you communicate your culture stories both within the company and through your website, and work with your communications teams to ensure that culture, brand and marketing strategies align.

Our Methodology

Throughout the process, we bring together key employees for face-to-face time.

Why? Because building a tribe is key to strong brand culture.

Some clients opt for brief half-day retreats supplemented with work off-line. Others have the capacity for two or three-day retreats. We work with you to create a package for success.

We use stories, liberating structures, creative emergence technologies and appreciative inquiry in our retreats to discover and sustain your Culture Code.

Cultural DNA resides in stories–stories created from the day-to-day actions of your staff, your customers and other stakeholders.

As we uncover and bring to life your Culture Code, we collect stories that exemplify the best of your company culture. And they become raw material that drives your social media strategy as well as your culture training.

View the video below to see a keynote address by founder Alicia Korten on how her experiences working in Panama’s Darien Gap shaped her understanding of the power of story to shape culture.

Go to storytelling for more on our work with narrative.