Assess Your Culture

The first step in culture change is understanding the culture you have.


Because information is power.

We use research-based data driven tools that uncover company culture strengths, existing values and areas that need immediate attention.

Our flagship assessment tool is our Culture Health Index (CHI). The CHI allows allows you to benchmark your culture progress over time, and provides you a comprehensive culture road map on your next steps to great culture.

Our culture assessment answers the following questions:

  • What do employees believe is important at your company?
  • What do your customers think your values are?
  • What are your competitors saying about what you stand for?
  • Is your culture providing you a competitive advantage?
  • Is your culture driving performance measures such as employee retention, productivity & innovation?

Our culture assessment includes comprehensive data analysis presented in a culture report, complete with with visuals and models to drive change.

Findings are woven into future retreats and trainings and provides a compass for all future work.

Culture Assessment Goals

  • Discover possible Core Values & Purpose that will fuel your culture change (refresh them if you have them; create them if you don’t).
  • Assess how strongly Core Values & Purpose are manifesting within your company today.
  • Gather initial stakeholder ideas on how to create a more passionate & purposeful company culture.
  • Build commitment among staff for culture change.

Diagnostic Tools

  • Employee, customer & partner culture surveys
  • Company culture focus  groups
  • Mystery shops
  • Culture interviews
  • Business strategy & marketing materials review