Define Your Great Culture

Crack your Culture Code (Purpose, Core Values & Identity) to build a high performance, self-managing culture.

Your Culture Code is your organization’s genetic instructions that tell your employees, your customers & other stakeholders what is most important to you.

At the end of this stage you will have cracked the Culture Code that will drive your company culture. You will have 3 to 10 Core Values. If you’ve chosen the full package, you will also have a compelling Purpose and guiding Identity.

3 Elements of Your Culture Code

Purpose. Your purpose is the bedrock of your business. It serves as the guiding force for all decisions. Purpose tells your employees why to come to work every day. It communicates to customers what you believe in. Companies whose only purpose is to make money lose their way. Purpose inspires and guides your staff to work together–all pulling in the same direction to that higher aim.

Core Values.Your core values create a self-managing organization. They tell your staff how to make decisions. Without them, people rely on their own gut, preferences and managers telling them what to do to guide their everyday actions. When your staff aligns behind a core set of values, a manager’s role transforms from supervisor to mentor–helping staff discover how to most fully live the company values. Go to ‘Case Study‘ to see how Core Values increased revenue for Longfellow health clubs.

Identity. Your identity is your company archetype (your company personality). It guides the ethos of your company culture and brand strategy. Go to ‘Storytelling‘ to see how Mary’s Gone Crackers used its identity as ‘the magician’ to forge its communications strategy–including its new website.