Sustain Your Great Culture

We align your people behind your Culture Code (Purpose, Core Values & Identity). To do this we train your staff and work with you to develop policies and rituals that let customers and staff know what you stand for.

While the plan will be unique to your organization, some ways we can help are to:

  • Deliver staff trainings;
  • Revamp management and human resource policies (i.e. rewrite job descriptions, review your incentive & reward system; revamp culture fit hiring policies);
  • Ensure your teams are working toward the same strategic objectives;
  • Enhance internal communications strategies;
  • develop culture-enhancing rituals (i.e. unveiling core values at a company-wide meeting; lunch events);
  • Strengthen staff meeting formats;
  • Consider new ways of organizing office space to support your values; and
  • Create culture symbols & artifacts (i.e. a Core Values graphic you can put on T-shirts, boxes, walls, stores, bumper stickers and more–see Longfellow case study).

We help you change the aspects of your business infrastructure that work against your brand culture. And preserve what’s already working right.