Speaking & Workshops

We love to evangelize! We know how powerful culture, stories and values-led management can be and want to spread the word. Invite us to speak at your next event, conference or all staff meeting.  Or organize a public or private workshop in your area.

We make audiences laugh, introduce fresh ideas and keep sessions interactive.  Video and audio clips bring stories to life and facilitated dialogue helps participants apply lessons to their own organizations.

Watch a keynote address on how stories drive culture by The Culture Company founder, Alicia Korten.

In addition to the topics below, we can custom design a culture-focused keynote to meet the needs of your audience.

Topics include:

Why Culture Will Determine the Winners of the New Marketplace

Creative disruption is giving corporate America whiplash. Blockbuster beat out by Netflix. Blackberry by the smart phone. Uber is laying waste to taxi companies around the country. In 1958 a company could expect to stay on the S&P 500 for 61 years. Today that number is just over a decade. The marketplace is strewn with corpses of companies that thought their market share protected them, only to realize too late that they were out innovated. Yet innovation means an agile, porous culture that is able to continually bring in and execute new ideas. Learn more about this and two other trends that are shining light on culture as the key to success in today’s markets.

Build Your Company Tribe with Core Value Stories

Having trouble inspiring staff to work at peak performance levels?  Don’t feel that everyone on your team has the same priorities? Audiences go from the rainforests of Latin America to the boardroom to learn how stories can transmit values, change culture and build high performance teams. Learn how stories will transform your business and how companies are harnessing the power of narrative to drive profits and performance.

Use Stories to Drive a Patient Safety Culture

Do you want every person that walks through your hospital doors to be safe from medical error? In this keynote you will learn about hospitals using stories to engage staff, align teams and reconnect to the patients at the heart of quality care.  Stories are helping hospitals connect strategic goals to human faces.  And humanizing their goals is helping hospitals to keep patients safe.