Watch this keynote address on story by The Culture Company founder, Alicia Korten.

We use stories to create and communicate your culture.  Our story-based methodology grounds your company culture in real life.

Culture resides in stories.

Your culture is built on the stories that employees and customers share.  The why you want to work here stories.  The this is what we care about stories.  The how we work together stories.  The why I love your brand stories.

We create opportunities for staff and customers to tell stories that identify what your organization stands for, what you are passionate about and where your organization is heading.  These stories help us define and bring to life your Culture Code and are rich material for your internal and external communications strategy.

We also use story-based principles to define your Identity.  We uncover your company archetype (your story personality) and use it to craft your culture and

communications strategy.

For example, in a Culture Company workshop the organic gluten-free snack company Mary’s Gone Crackers identified that their company’s story personality was based on the magician–a mythic figure that is about catalyzing transformation.  The collage they created (see photo at top of page) helped guide their understanding of how the magician energies of healing and awakening fuel their company’s purpose.

The Culture Company then helped Mary’s use their story personality to shape their brand identity and marketing  materials–including the redesign of their website.  The magician associates with certain storylines, and images such as the cosmos.   In the snapshot of their homepage above, do you see the swirl of the universe in the ancient grains? The stars and sun’s rays? Notice the use of the words ‘our universe’ in the menu bar. These are symbols of the magician.

Throughout history influential leaders have harnessed the power of story to inspire people and build community.  We have built on this age-old wisdom to forge methodologies for change.